Excited about Shark Week on Discovery, but haven’t had a chance to watch any of Shark Week 2015’s festivities? Tonight on Xbox Live you can catch all of the Shark Week 2015 specials in Xbox Video.

For the duration of Shark Week 2015, Microsoft’s Xbox Video entertainment service has postings of each day’s specials. The festivities start with Shark Trek and will run up all the way until Saturday, when Shark Week 2015 ends. The Discovery Channel isn’t ready to package up the entire week of special’s just yet, meaning for now you’ll need to purchase each special for $1.99 in standard-definition and $2.99 in high-definition. Unfortunately for cable cutters, there’s no Discovery app on the Xbox One and no way to get access to the channel using a Sling TV.

Of course, anyone who has configured the Xbox One with their cable or satellite subscription can just say “Xbox, watch Discovery” with their Kinect sensor plugged in or turn to the channel using the Xbox OneGuide. Each day during Shark Week Discovery showcases the best in shark-related documentaries and specials. You can find a full schedule of Shark Week shows at here, including information about the Megalodon, the biggest shark to ever stalk prey.

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