Video game developer Rocksteady and publisher Warner Brothers have a massive update in store for anyone who has or plans to purchase Batman Arkham Knight. A new update is adds support for a in-game photo mode plus new skins for the Caped Crusader and the Batmobile.

GameInformer reports that the August Batman Arkham Knight update arrived over Xbox Live earlier today. Besides skins for the Batmobile and Batman inspired by the 1989 version of the game, players can expect a new photo option in the menu that gets rid of the game’s interface for the perfect picture opportunity. Allegedly, the update weighs in at 4.3GB, though we’ve been unable to confirm that in our own tests on Xbox One.

One thing we have noticed is that season pass holders are finally able to download the prototype Batmobile and other content that Microsoft accidentally made available following last months update. The exclusives that retailers handed out weren’t supposed to be made available to season pass holders until this month, allegedly. The Batman Inc. Skin still appears to be stuck in release limbo for the time being.

Batman Arkham Knight is only for Xbox One owners. There are no plans for it to arrive on the Xbox 360.


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