After months of speculation, Microsoft is indeed adding DVR support to its Xbox One entertainment console. Starting in 2016, Xbox One owners will be able to record their favorite shows from some networks absolutely free.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra announced DVR recording this morning during the company’s briefing at Gamescom 2016, but Xbox Wire has the complete details. Using the broadcast TV Tuners available for the Xbox One, users will be able to set different programs to record directly through the Xbox OneGuide sometime next year. In addition to that, an app for Windows 10 will allow users to stream the content they record and store it for offline viewing a bit later. This feature isn’t specific to Microsoft’s platforms either. It’ll be available on iPhone and Android too

It was only a year ago that Microsoft announced the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner and three months ago that it partnered with Hauppauge to produce its American counterpart for watching broadcast television shows directly through the Xbox One interface. Already, users can switch channels and stream broadcast television directly on Xbox SmartGlass.

Users won’t be able to record content directly from their cable or satellite description, which is why the over-the-air external tuners are so important. Windows 10 for the Xbox One arrives later this year, complete with a redesigned OneGuide and interface.

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