Tonight’s television event of the season doesn’t involve well-written characters and drama actors. You won’t turn off your television after watching it and begin to contemplate life’s great mysteries. Tonight, an overwhelming number of viewers in the United States are expected to snuggle up with a blanket and take to Twitter as they watch Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. Seriously, that’s the name of the movie.

Airing tonight at 9PM on Syfy channel, Sharknado 3 is another god awful movie in a extended series of god awful science-fiction movies aired on the cable channel. In fact, it’s so bad that most people just watch to revel in how bad it truly is. Unfortunately, for Xbox Live users, their viewing options are limited.

Anyone with their Xbox One connected to their cable box will be able to watch Sharknado 3 directly through the TV app on the console. Besides the movie itself, the app includes built-in Twitter support so you can see jokes made about the show in real-time. This alone makes the Xbox One the best place to watch it. Say “Xbox, watch Syfy” at 9PM Eastern Standard Time and you’ve done everything you need to do.

Both Verizon and Time Warner allow users to watch Syfy live directly through dedicated apps. Set those up and you don’t have a problem. Comcast doesn’t have an Xbox One app; and SyFy doesn’t allow users to stream the channel live through its Syfy Now app. That’s ironic to say the least. Sling TV is out of the question too. It doesn’t yet carry any Comcast owned networks.

Watch because you want to see Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban play the president of the United States. Watch because you want to hear someone intelligently explain how flying sharks eat birds for digestive fuel. Nope, neither of those are jokes either.

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