Ed Burns is a wise-cracking police man in New York City with a heart of gold. Meanwhile Timothy Hutton is running those same mean streets womanizing and getting other people killed. The NYPD isn’t trying to stop crime as much as it’s trying to contain it. That’s the setup for TNT’s Public Morals and it isn’t half bad. Don’t take my word for it, the pilot episode of the show is available completely free in Microsoft’s Movies & TV service.

As of right now, anyone with access to Microsoft Movies & TV can stream or download the Public Morals pilot free of charge. Public Morals is an intimate look at the made men and the mob. More specifically, Ed Burns and the New York City Police Department is trying to deal with the Irish Mob. The rest of the season is available with a Season Pass for $19.99 in high-definition. TNT is already four episodes into the new drama, with new episodes returning next week.

Microsoft Movies & TV is the new name for Xbox Video. It’s available through the company’s online store, on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. The service is known as Xbox Video on the Xbox 360 still.

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