If for some reason you didn’t catch the première episode of CBS’ Supergirl, don’t worry about heading to the broadcast network’s website to see it. Microsoft Movies & TV has the first episode of Supergirl the new action show available absolutely free.

The free episode of Supergirl actually arrived on Microsoft Movies & TV after the show premièred on Monday. Supergirl is a fictional tale of Superman’s cousin. Older than Clark Kent, she was sent by her parents to protect Kent as he aged. Unfortunately, her pod was damaged, forcing her into a time warp that kept her from aging. In this show, Supergirl lives amongst humans quietly while Clark does all the people saving.

To download the episode now, go to Microsoft Movies & TV online and add it to your collection. There are streaming apps for the service on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Windows. There’s also a web app. Microsoft has entire first season of Supergirl on sale for $29.9.

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