Microsoft is hoping that Xbox becomes a huge platform for gamers who’ve updated to its Windows 10 operating system. Earlier this year it revealed a wireless dongle that lets users pair their wireless headphones and Xbox One Wireless Controllers with their PCs. Microsoft calls this accessory the Xbox Wireless Adapter and it’s available today for purchase.

Starting today, anyone can purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter for their Windows 10 PC for $24.99 on its own, according to Xbox Wire. When plugged into a PC the accessory communicates with up to eight different Xbox One Wireless Controllers. The Xbox Wireless Adapter also handles two pairs of stereo headphones.

It’s not theoretical anymore, Xbox One owners can finally use their Xbox One accessories with their PCs. Coupled with the features of the Xbox app, Microsoft is finally making inroads on the PC gaming space. Microsoft seems to be shipping the Xbox Wireless Adapter to stores a bit earlier than it originally planned. Amazon isn’t expecting to ship the accessory until October 27th.

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