Microsoft says that it’s cutting the amount of free storage space and bonuses that users get on its OneDrive service. Besides making an entire group of enthusiasts mad, the move could leave a few Xbox One owners in a tough spot with they’ve uploaded directly from their console.

It was in a notice on its OneDrive Blog this week that Microsoft confirmed it was making changes to the amount of free storage users get. OneDrive lets users store video, music, pictures and more on Microsoft’s servers instead of keeping them around on their hard drive. Originally, Microsoft gave every users 15GB of cloud storage to do with what they wish. OneDrive apps on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android can automatically upload pictures and video, for example. The Xbox One has a OneDrive app that’s mainly for viewing content added from other devices. After launch, Microsoft added an option to the Upload app for getting Game DVR clips on OneDrive.

Soon OneDrive users will only get 5GB of storage free, with more coming at $1.99 for 50GB. If you’re just storing files on the service, that 5GB cap shouldn’t be a problem. A lot of GameDVR clips could be an issue. Microsoft says that the changes won’t happen until 2016. It’s worth noting that Xbox Live’s recorded content is separate from OneDrive. To get content on OneDrive you would have had to manually add it through Upload.

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