Truth be told, I’m tired of keeping my gaming habits to myself. Normally, I won’t talk about a game until I’ve finished it and it’s ready for review. I’m throwing caution to the wind this Friday. PlayTime is back for a livestream of Ubisoft’s The Division. I’m also giving out a copy of game during the broadcast.

This week’s PlayTime stream starts at 6PM on Friday afternoon and lasts for an hour. During that time watchers will get a look at The Division’s mechanics and combat. The stream is mostly for community building, but I’ll be taking questions about my experience in the online-role playing title during the show. Sometime during the show I’ll tell you what you need to do to have a chance at winning that digital copy of The Division. I can promise you it’ll be social media related in some way, but I’d rather wait until the broadcast for all the details. Can’t have anyone trying to game the giveaway, can we?

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