HBO Now is now on Xbox

This Thursday brings very, very good news for those that own an Xbox One and an Xbox 360. HBO, the cable channel that shows blockbusters movies back-to-back with reckless abandon, is bringing their latest service to the Xbox ecosystem. Starting today, you can download the HBO Now app on both of Microsoft’s Xbox Live enabled consoles.

Microsoft and Home Box Office announced that HBO Now had arrived for Xbox owners this morning in a press release. Revealed last year, HBO Now is an on-demand streaming app that gets those bold enough to abandon their cable subscriptions access to HBO’s content for a flat monthly free. If you’re thinking that this sounds familiar, it’s because HBO GO is available on Microsoft’s console already. HBO Go requires that you have a cable subscription already. HBO Now is a separate service that does away with the requirement.

HBO Now costs $14.99 a month. There are apps on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. There’s a free trial running for those that are interested, but only if they’ve never used the service before.

I see Girls and Game of Thrones in your near future.

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