The happy times are here again folks, and I’m not talking about your snowy landscape either Seattle. February means Anime Month 2017, and Microsoft is back with super-sized discounts on Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni, Red Sojna, Digimon, Jubei Chan and more.

The Anime Week 2017 deals kicked off today during the Windows Store’s regular bi-weekly refresher. Entire seasons of Digimon are selling for $8.99 each. I was always a big fan of Agumon to be honest. Seasons of Dragon Ball Z are $9.99 for this week only. there’s some Genshiken, Zatchbell, Hunter X hunter and Yu-Gi-Oh! thrown into the mix as well.

As for movies, that’s where the action is. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Dragon ball Z Resurrection F and films from the Attack on Titan series are $9.99 each. Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, RWBy, A Letter to Momo, The Boy and the Beast are on sale too. Movies during Anime Month 2017 are going for as little as $5.99.

Of course, this being a month-long sale, you’re better off moving on the savings while you can. Some items will stay on sale each month. Others will wrap up in just a week or even two days. The content that you purchase through the Windows Store is available on Xbox, Xbox 360 and Windows. Microsoft doesn’t have a Movies & TV app for iPhone. You can’t watch any of this stuff online either.

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