It’s hard to argue that a $189.99 Xbox One isn’t worth you getting out of your bed in the middle of the night and rushing to one of the many Black Friday 2017 deals coming your way later this month. So I won’t try. I’ll encourage you to make the leap instead because Microsoft’s Black Friday 2017 deals aren’t half bad.

Count on saving money this Black Friday no matter what Xbox One hardware you have your eye on. An Xbox One S with 500GB of storage will sell for just $189.99. You get even more storage if you splurge on an Xbox One S with 1TB of storage. That console will sell for $249, and you get a free game with your purchase. That’s on top of the free game you get with all Microsoft’s Xbox One S bundles. This savings starts today and wraps up on November 18th. From November 19th to November 27th, Microsoft will cut the price of every Xbox One S bundle by $50.

Of course, none of the savings floating around before the holidays includes the newly launched Xbox One X. I wouldn’t count on Microsoft discounting that console for a while.

There are savings on accessories too. The Elite Controller is now $50 off when you buy an Xbox One X. This deal lasts until November 18th. Beginning November 21st, Microsoft will discount the cost of creating an Xbox Design Lab controller by $15. On November 23rd through November 27th, expect to save $20 on Xbox Wireless Controllers and $15 on the Xbox Stereo Headset.

I’d bet my bottom dollar more deals are on the way. Expect huge discounts on games closer to when most stores kick off their Black Friday 2017 sales. GameStop, for example, always pulls out all the stops. I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens in that department closer to Thanksgiving.

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