With some major holidays down and 2017 in the record books, I thought it’d be fun to see how all you fine, fine people get your game on. Yes, I wanted to type “roll on,” but then I realized I’m 29 years old and no one but me still cares about 2000s hip-hop.

So this is an open call for your set ups, whether they be Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S or Xbox 360. Got a Nintendo Switch or a gaming PC you’re proud of? Drop it in here too. I plan on sharing some of your photos across The en’s profile’s on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Above you’ll find mine. This is my Xbox One S with 2TB of internal storage and a Sharp 55-inch LED 4K television that I purchased at Sam’s Club on sale. I spent weeks researching it only to find out that it wasn’t fully compatible with the Xbox One S’ HDR or 4K standards. Luckily, it got a free update a month ago that made it fully compatible. I did a two step and almost certainly wanted a drink that day. For those counting, that’s my second 2000s hip-hop reference in this post. Oh you gotta love it. (And there’s a third.)

Not pictured are my Xbox Elite Controller and my Xbox Media Remote, both of which I use daily. In the picture, you can see my Kinect sensor. Someone will have to break into my house and steal it before I give up on the always-connected, always ready for anything Kinect voice control dream from earlier in the Xbox One’s life.

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