With the launch of Destiny 2, the Fall 2017 gaming season has begun. Can you smell the dead leaves in the air? Are you ready to spend all your free cash on season passes, console updates and games that you’ve pined over for the last two years? I bet you are, and I’d like to know which games you plan to buy.

I want to know what games you’re buying this year because I took way too much time off this summer to focus on personal stuff. Sure, I was away purchasing a house and pondering life’s important questions, but that’s no excuse.

All the time off has left me woefully ignorant of what’s exciting. Seriously, I finished Mass Effect Andromeda last night, and I have plans to dive into the Watch Dogs 2 DLC that I purchased but never played. For the last two years, I’ve called June, July and August, “No New Games” season and this year it once again delivered.

So you fine folks out there in internet land, what are you gonna play this fall? What has you all hot and bothered this holiday season, besides the Xbox One X? Holler at your man.


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