If like me, you’ve dreamt of seeing Assassin’s Creed Origins, Halo Wars 2 and other games in all their 4K, high frame rate glory, now is your chance. Microsoft has slashed the Xbox One X price to the lowest it’s ever been.

A post on Xbox Wire revealed the news. The Xbox One X will cost just $449.99 from June 7th until June 23rd. That’s a savings of $50. Combine this deal with trade-in credit for your old Xbox One and you might come out ahead. I’m planning to do just that, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

In addition to cutting the Xbox One X price, Microsoft is also lowering the cost of an Xbox One S. Beginning June 7th, an Xbox One S with 500GB of storage will cost $199.99, and a 1TB Xbox One S will cost $249.99. Unlike the Xbox One X price cut, these deals aren’t rare; Microsoft temporarily slashed the cost of the Xbox One S back in December.

Finally, expect big savings on Xbox Live Gold, accessories and Xbox One games on June 7th too. A month of Xbox Live Gold will cost newcomers just $1 once the sale starts. Custom controllers from Xbox Design Lab will cost $69.99. There’s a huge sale on games planned for later this week too.

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