For the first time ever, we can all play Crackdown 3 in the safety of your own homes. Just don’t tell Microsoft I called it a beta instead of a Technical Test.

The Crackdown 3 beta we’ve all been waiting for since Microsoft first announced the game has finally arrived, only the company is calling it the Technical Test. It’s doing that because it’s using Xbox Insiders to test how well the game’s online systems hold up against tons of traffic, not test out features it may change in the future.

All Xbox Insiders can download the files they need to try the game today, according to Xbox WireThis Crackdown 3 beta only includes access to the player-on-player Wrecking Zone multiplayer. That means no Terry Crews story mode for you until the game’s February 15th launch.

If you’d like to try the game on your Windows PC or Xbox One, download the Xbox Insider Hub app to your device and look in the Insider Content menu.

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