Do I have proof that Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller makes me a better gamer? Absolutely not. Do I think that having a controller that feels as premium and as many customization options as the Elite Controller tricks my brain into thinking I’m suddenly a better gamer? I absolutely do. That’s why I finally purchased another one.

I should say that I’m not new to the Xbox Elite Controller. I traded a ton of stuff to buy one at launch from GameStop back when they were difficult to find. Then I filmed this Xbox Elite Controller review and called it a solid deal. Despite the glowing review, I sold mine roughly a year ago. At the time, I wasn’t playing a single game I thought I needed the Elite’s level of customization for. Also, I thought there might be a newer model coming our way.

Enter The Division 2, the sequel to the game I purchased my original Elite Controller for. Since I skipped both Crackdown 3 and Anthem I had a little money to throw around. Why not fix one of the dumbest moves I’ve made in a while?

Already, I’m remembering why I loved both this game and this controller. Now let’s just hope my kill-to-death ratio improves. Otherwise, I think the illusion that I’m a decent gamer may be shattered by GameDVR clips of me getting waxed by level two enemies in-game.

(I joke. I can’t imagine anyone thinks I’m a great gamer, most certainly not anyone that’s seen any video footage of me game.)

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