Spider-Man, that is the web-crawling geek embodied by Tom Holland and rehabbed by Marvel, is leaving Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. I’m salty.

Deadline is reporting that Kevin Fiege, who headed production on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, won’t lead the next two movies that Sony has in the works. Additionally, Disney will lose the rights to include Spider-Man in any Marvel movies going forward.

Allegedly, all this is because Disney wanted 50% of the franchise’s profits instead of the 5% it was earning on for each film’s first day gross sales and merchandising rights.

Considering Marvel gave the character new life, such a deal would have seemed fair to me. It seems that Sony is betting it doesn’t need Marvel now that it has Holland established as Spider-Man and has already used Avengers as a launch pad. I’m reasonably sure that they’re wrong, but what do I know? I really disliked The Amazing Spider-Man films.

I’m not mad, Sony. I’m just disappointed.

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