Before we get too far into our week, just a gentle reminder that the moment we waited for all summer is almost here. You can pre-order the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X beginning Tuesday, September 22nd.

The festivities all begin tomorrow according to Microsoft, with Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S going up for pre-orders at 11 AM Eastern and 8 AM Pacific in the United States. Additionally, retailers will also have updated editions of the Xbox Wireless Controller and the Xbox Plug and Charge Kit up for sale. According to Microsoft, those who want to pay for the system upfront should set their browser destinations to the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Newegg. Best Buy, GameStop, the Microsoft Store and Walmart will all offer Xbox All Access pre-orders. Xbox All Access is the program that gets buyers a console, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass all for a low monthly price.

As a reminder, the Xbox Series S will sell for $299.99. Xbox Series X is $499.99. Personally, I’m planning on picking up a Series X since all my televisions are 4K ready. Unless you’re future proofing, Series S is the way to go for anyone that doesn’t have a 4K television, I think.

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