Xbox, my video game ecosystem of choice, is now twenty years of age. With respect to Huey Lewis for coining the phrase first, let’s take a trip back in time.

Microsoft launched it’s first Xbox in 2001, and the company is celebrating with all year long sales, fan-focused online events, and the launch of Halo Infinite , according to Xbox Wire. If you’re so overwhelmed by nostalgia that you find yourself wanting to draw attention to the console’s birthday without being prompted to do so, you can pick out some specially branding sweatshirts and other things in the Xbox Gear Shop. I’ve spent nearly every day of the COVID 19 pandemic wearing an Xbox branded face mask and a matching hat, so do your thing without fear. I’m not at liberty to judge you.

I don’t mind you judging me, though: I purchased my first Xbox so that I could play Star Trek Legacy. How’s that for a trip down memory lane? I can hear your snickering through the computer, dear reader. Here’s a trailer so that you can view the game in all its glory.

Turns out that Legacy was about as interesting an interactive entertainment experience as watching the rubber gaskets around your new car’s doors slowly decay from UV radiation. I walked into a retailer to sell both the console and the game, but stumbled on Halo 3 . I’ve had an Xbox ever since.

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