Citizens of Xbox. The morning you’ve waited all year long for is at hand. Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase goes down today and you can watch the entire spectacle from your living room, your outdoor sofa, and that coffee at the end of the street that doesn’t offer silverware. Really, you can watch the Xbox & Bethesda games Showcase from anywhere.

If you have a Twitch account and would prefer live chat, is where you want to go. YouTube will also have a livestream, though you’ll need to wait for a recording if you’re hoping to see all these new games in full fidelity on your 4K television set.

Xbox Wire’s Will Tuttle is billing this as the show to watch if you want to know about all the games coming to Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass. Personally, I’m just hoping to actually see footage of Fable. I’m a man of modest ambition.

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