Friends, we’re going back to Albion sometime soon. A new Fable game is finally in development at Xbox Games Studios.

The reveal of what I suppose we’re expected to simply call Fable until we hear otherwise happened at the end of this morning’s Xbox Games Showcase. The tease was short and sweet, with a fairy randomly flying around a magical world until the castle of Albion sat in the distance. Then, in typical Fable fashion, she gets eaten by a frog. Definitely watch it. Just don’t expect anything more than a logo reveal and some clever humor.

Microsoft is staying quiet on the real details. The short video reveals no release date. It doesn’t mention the game’s genre either, which I’m particularly sensitive to after living through the reveal of Fable Legends and Fable Coin Golf.

We only know that Fable will make an appearance on “Xbox Series X and Windows 10.” That suggests that this game’s launch is so far out Xbox Games Studios will have stopped making new games available on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Also, Playground Games is working on the project. Microsoft shutdown Lionhead, the game’s original developer, in 2016.

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