Here is something I thought I’d never get to type: Crackdown 3 pre-orders have begun, and we finally have an official release. It’s time to ready your wallet, Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

Microsoft has made a lot of promises with Crackdown 3. Expect fully destructible environments with physics that mimic what would happen if you knocked out a building’s support beam in the real world. The game has co-operative multiplayer for those who want to play with other people and a campaign mode for those that value story.

Let’s not forget, the February 15th release of Crackdown 3 is also another opportunity for Microsoft to show off what makes Xbox unique. The game will let you transfer your progress from Xbox One to PC and back again thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere. If you have an Xbox Game Pass, you can skip pre-ordering the game outright. And finally, Crackdown 3 is an Xbox exclusive. PlayStation 4 owners need not apply.

Here’s what you need to know about Crackdown 3 pre-orders and the different editions of the game there are.

Crackdown 3 Editions

Microsoft Studios continues to do a great job of keeping its line-up simple with new games. There are just two different Crackdown 3 editions to choose from. Remember to contrast this simple line-up with the tidal wave of different versions there are for other games coming out in the fall and winter. (I’m looking at you, Warner Brothers.)

Crackdown 3 Standard Edition – $59.99

Crackdown 3 Standard Edition gets you playing both the single player and Wrecking Zone multiplayer portions of Crackdown 3. Because it comes on a disc, you can lend it to a friend or trade it when you’re ready to move on to another game.

GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon all sell Crackdown 3 Standard Edition for $59.99.

Digital Crackdown 3 Standard Edition – $59.99

Gameplay-wise, the Digital Crackdown 3 Standard Edition is identical to the physical version. It includes access to the game’s multiplayer and story.

That being said, some perks that come along with buying digital make this edition of Crackdown 3 a better deal than the other one. That’s despite it also costing $59.99.

Buying the digital edition unlocks some perks: Xbox Play Anywhere and Xbox Live Gold Home. When you buy a digital copy of an Xbox Play Anywhere game, you get a copy for your Xbox One and another copy to install on your Windows 10 PC. Your game saves and Xbox controller will work on both versions. Be sure to check out the chapter of the Xbox Handbook dedicated to Xbox Play Anywhere if you haven’t already.

Gold Home, allows you to easily share that game with other members of your family. All you must do is make sure you set up your Xbox One as your home console. Definitely read more about that in What is Xbox Live Gold Home if you aren’t using this feature yet.

Don’t worry about not being able to play Crackdown 3 at midnight on launch night if you buy a digital version. As long as you pre-order, you can download the game before release night. You won’t be able to play it any earlier than anyone else, but you will be able to get going moments after release on launch night like everyone else.

GameStop and the Microsoft Store sell the Digital Crackdown 3 Standard Edition.

Crackdown 3 Pre-Order Bonuses

If you’re holding out for Crackdown 3 pre-order bonuses, I’m afraid there aren’t any at the time of my writing this. That might change closer to the game’s February launch date, but I really doubt it.

You don’t get anything extra for placing Crackdown 3 pre-orders, yet.

Where You Can Find Crackdown 3 Pre-Orders

Crackdown 3 pre-orders are available from the usual suspects.

Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon all have Crackdown 3 Standard Edition pre-orders. Remember, it’s easier to share a physical game than it is a digital game with your friends. Also, expect to get off the couch and insert your disc when you want to play.

Digital Crackdown 3 Standard Edition is available at GameStop and in the Microsoft Store. You aren’t charged for pre-ordering a digital game until that game’s release date. Also, keep in mind that if you buy a digital copy of the game, you get a Windows version for free and can share it with other people using Xbox Live. Of course, you can’t trade it in to save money on another game later.

Crackdown 3 & Xbox Game Pass

Crackdown 3 is an Xbox exclusive. It won’t come to Steam, and you won’t be able to play it on a PlayStation 4. While that stinks for PlayStation 4 owners, their loss is your gain: Microsoft-made Xbox exclusive games come to Xbox Game Pass on the day they launch.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription gaming service. $9.99 a month gets you access to over 200 different games. This number includes Xbox exclusive games. If a game in the Xbox Game Pass library is also an Xbox Play Anywhere game, you have access to both the PC and Windows 10 version.

Of course, Crackdown 3 and any other game you download through the service will stop working when your subscription expires. For the first 90 days after launch, Game Pass subscribers will save 10% if they decide to buy a digital version of Crackdown 3. That discount goes to 20% after 90 days.

Listen, I hope you’re able to use all this information to make your Crackdown 3 pre-orders go as smoothly as possible. I’ll continue to keep this updated with any new information that surfaces.

This is the point where lesser entertainment writers would collectively call you all “agents” to impress upon you their playfulness and knowledge of the Crackdown franchise. I’d do that, but I’d rather just spend the time it takes to come up with some clever to plot all the ways I plan on using Commander Jax to drop buildings on unsuspecting thugs.

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