Most people would argue that progress is a great thing. Most of the time they would be right, however in the case of technology, I feel there are always sacrifices to be made. When cassettes debuted many loved the fact that you didn’t need to listen through an entire album, you could fast forward directly to what you loved. During the digital music revolution we all marveled at how you could easily acquire any song you wanted, we could grab nearly any song for free. My problem lately has been a seldom enjoyed feature that used to be included with any single your purchased.. the instrumental.

Yes, I’m THAT guy. That person who wanders around vibing to beats and not paying attention to what’s going on around me. I’m that guy who can not enjoy lyrics at all, but still love the way a producer arraigned a high-hat in the background, or organically came up with their own sound. Right around the time recording studios went digital, a lot of my favorite producers began to make music, that blew away what anyone could possibly saying on an album. You can hear the snare, feel the hits in your mind, almost. That is, you could hear it if some artists would shut up, with their “yeahs” “ooooohs” and “whats”.

In a time where record companies are trying everything from the ringle (single + ringtone) to the vingle (video + single), why not give the fans what they want.. great instrumentals, without the auto tune? To me it seems great music, much like information, wants to be free, so please free it, or at least give me the option to free myself from Vanessa Hudgen’s lyrics to “Party on The Moon”.