Sports fans should head straight home and download the pending update for ESPN on Xbox. No, this is not a drill.

A bottomless pit of new video sports content is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold users in the form of an updated ESPN on Xbox. Once you’ve procured the new update you’ll have access to all of ESPN’s programming including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and more including SportsCenter -although we can’t wrap our brains around just why we should be excited for that last bit, (unless Major League Gaming is a sport, we’re clueless to the entire genre of entertainment).

Additionally Major Nelson has also let the cat out of the bag on new Xbox SmartGlass features coming for ESPN and NBA coverage as well, though we’ve got no other details than their launch window of “December”.

As with all live and enhanced television on Xbox LIVE outside of Xbox Video, you’ll need an external subscription to a cable provider to reap the newly added benefits.

Editors Note: We’ve clarified the new features stance as they relate to your cable or satellite provider.

3 Comments on “Full ESPN Line-up now available on Xbox”

  1. This is the Stuff of my dreams being an avid Sports fan and Gamer. However, since there is two more words that describe me, Cord Cutter, I have been reduced to just seeing all the possibilities that I actually already new about. Then to make matters worse, with all the new shows available the actual things I still can watch are more difficult to find. Even if I had a subscription in my area I would not be able to use because Cox and/or DirecTV are not listed as carriers. Honestly, if I they were listed then giving me access to something I already had access to wouldn’t make me jump for joy until maybe when the Smartglass function comes out. If only Maybe

    • Completely get that. This implementation is literally about making sure you don’t think twice about getting rid of that cable subscription and for a lot of sports fans it’ll probably accomplish that goal. Still though, one can dream of living in a world where I can buy only the things I want.

    • True Dat, because if I could buy a subscription for this ESPN service I totally would. Would even pay more than Netflix. It would be worth it to me. Sports is the only thing I miss about Cable Cutting.

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