Battlefield 1 marks the first time in a very long time a major first-person shooter has gone back to a historic event for inspiration, and that has a lot of folks excited. Three solid years of futuristic shooters with robots in them tends to have that effect on people. Starting tomorrow, October 13th, anyone with an EA Access subscription can experience the Battlefield 1 free trial that comes with the online video game service.

Electronic Arts confirmed the time frame for the Battlefield 1 free trial earlier this year. You don’t need to pre-order the World War 1 era shooter. There’s no code involved either. EA Access is sort of like an enthusiasts club for games published by EA. $4.99 a month gets users access to an extensive line-up of digital video games. Subscribers get timed access to new titles that have yet to release days before anyone else does. They also get digital downloads from an ever-expanding library of games added to the service and discounts on any EA games that they purchase through the Xbox Store. Saves from the free trials work with the final game, if users choose to purchase it on disc or through their console.

I’ve yet to get my hands on EA Access for a review, sadly. That being said, anyone should definitely try the service out if they find themselves frequently playing Electronic Arts’ games. On consoles, it’s an Xbox One exclusive, though there is Origin Access for PC gamers. It basically offers the same experience sans a console.

Battlefield 1 arrives on store shelves October 21st.

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