If you’re anything like me and haven’t fully committed to buying an Xbox Series X later this year, leave some space open in your calendar for July 23rd. That’s when Microsoft will host the Xbox Games Showcase, a video stream that could be stuffed with the real reasons anyone should be excited for Xbox Series X: the games.

The Xbox Games Showcase begins at 9 AM Pacific Time on July 23rd, according to a tweet by Xbox on the subject earlier this morning. Xbox.com, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch will broadcast the stream. Those are all the details we have besides a pre-show that Geoff Keighley will host. We don’t know how long the stream will last; we don’t know which games are on the agenda.

What I hope is that we’ll get a look at every Microsoft-made Xbox Series X game coming over the next few years during this showcase. Powerful hardware is only as good as the games you can install. Halo Infinite will launch this year, but we don’t know much else about the titles Microsoft’s studios will release during the early part of this new console’s life. That early line-up is important. I’d rather not spend hundreds of dollars and need to wait another year before there’s a game I can really lose track of time in.

Personally, I might lose my mind if they show off a new Fable or Quantum Break at this thing.

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