I can’t use Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service with my iPhone, but I can stream directly the Xbox I’ve got at home. Well friends, once you download the new Xbox app for iPhone and iPad, you can do the same.

According to Xbox on Twitter, the updated Xbox app is rolling out to iPhone and iPads right now. The app acts as a refreshed companion for Xbox, letting you browse the game catalog, update your Xbox Live profile, send messages, and set up your new Xbox away from your controller. This update overhauls the entire app too, delivering the refreshed visuals and fast loading we so richly deserve for having to put up with the previous version for so long.

About that Xbox to iPhone streaming: it’s great. I’ve been using the console streaming functionality to play The Avengers and Halo Wars 2 around my house since the app’s public testing period began a few weeks ago. All you need is a decent home Wi-fi network and an Xbox Controller with Bluetooth, so all this requires no trip to the store for new hardware or anything services beyond those you already have.

I’m using the Razer Kishi for a Nintendo Switch experience because I’m not into being contrarian for the sake of it.

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