The Promise of a New Generation

Xbox Series X and Series S launch at midnight tonight. Before they do, just a few thoughts to consider.

First, this is more than a console launch. Should Microsoft succeed, this day will be remembered as the one that freed gaming from the prisons of our own making. If there’s a game you want, play it any damn way you please: In HD with Series S; in 4K with Series X; on the cheap with Xbox One S; for a really, really manageable price with Xbox All Access. You can even play on your phone.

Second, let us never forget that these are tools of sharing. These games can inspire and entertain, but far more potent is their ability to connect us. I hope you’ll each unwrap your new consoles and — even if you’re into single player titles — take an hour or so to jump into a multiplayer game with someone you’ve never met before, no matter what version of Xbox they’re playing on. And, if you can’t find anyone online to play with, don’t hesitate to send me a friend request.

Expect big updates to the Xbox Handbook over the next few days to reflect all these changes.

Happy launch day from Richmond,


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