Delete that dedicated iOS gaming controller from your Amazon shopping cart; you don’t need it. Soon, the Xbox One Controller or DualShock 4 Controller you already own will work flawless with your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Apple revealed iOS 13 this morning, and it’s stuffed with features, according to this list of upgrades. These features include proper support for what Apple calls “PlayStation 4” and “Xbox One S controllers.” Translated, that means the Xbox One controller you already own will let you play games on your Apple devices. Exactly. I can feel the excitement radiating from you as you read this.

That’s the good news, but of course, there’s some not-so-good news. I’m reasonably sure Apple is calling out the Xbox One S controller because this new support requires Bluetooth. That’s bad because not all Xbox One controllers have Bluetooth technology. No controller that launched with the original Xbox One did. The $149.99 Xbox One Elite Controller doesn’t have Bluetooth either.

Naturally, you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about this. Two things: I like to save money wherever I can. It made no sense for me to buy yet another controller when I have five perfectly good Xbox One controllers sitting around Studio 1. Second: Imagine if you could connect your Xbox controller to your iPad and stream a game from XCloud.

It’s all coming together.

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